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The Makes Nice fucking explode with music. Do you like Freakbeat Nuggets2 Kinda Stuff? Fuck off, of course you do!! LesFleurs de Lys, Creation, Small Faces, Pretty Things, The Who, Cindermen, Light, Tomorrow, Idle Race, Powder, SRC.

Yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah. Psychedelic Pop Power's blinding assault of Massive Pop Power. Soaring,Wilson-esque vocal harmony. Bashing Keith- Moon-on-11 drums. Giant Jeff Beck fuzz shred solos. Power, power, power trio.

Featuring (ex-)members of The Fucking Champs, Harold Ray Live in Concert, and the Mothballs. Rawrgh!! Check out their bubblegum bllitzkrieg "Candy Wrapper and 12 Other Songs" on Frenetic Records.


Josh Smith / Guitar / Vocals (ex-fucking Champs)
Aaron Burnham / Bass / Vocals (the Mothballs)
Jack Matthew / Drums / Vocals (Harold Ray: Live in Concert)

Promotion and Press: Fanatic Promotion will be working radio / media / new media.
Here are the contacts:
Press - Dave Clifford, dave{at}fanaticpromotion{dot}com, 213-977-9349
Radio - Justin Spindler, justin{at}fanaticpromotion{dot}com, 212-290-1102
New Media-Mark Davis, mark{at}fanaticpromotion{dot}com, 212-290-1172

Download high-res photos of the album cover and band here.

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